Fishing this week

by haulinbass on Mar 04, 2010

Probably going this Friday to TR, may launch at Aunt's or Cape Fair, havn't decided yet. Sling a JB for awhile. Crank and drag a grub or jig. Anyone have any better ideas?

by BassN8R on Mar 04, 2010

Friday is Day three of FLW on TR. May want to rethink your plan. Maybe Stockton?

by haulinbass on Mar 04, 2010

Na bro, makes it more interesting.

by BassN8R on Mar 06, 2010

How was the fishing?

by hogfan83 on May 04, 2010

To you haulinbass, if u gonna launch out of cape fair I would highly suggest fishing the actual marina. A lot of tournaments release fish there, and last Sunday I had four nice keepers before 10 am. The biggest going 5.5lb. Their is a ledge accros from the campgrounds and I caught 3 down that bank alone. Throw an eakins jig w/ zoom critter craw trailer in green pumpkin or 1/4 ounce shakey head with the long trick worm(also in green pumpkin).I also wouldn't hesitate to tbhrow a fluke or wacky rig. The water is about 2 degrees warmer back in the marina, which allow for some top water action early. If nothin happens in the marina I would head to wooly or piney and fish secondary points and don't hesitate to go back further in the creeks. Hope that helps.

by hogfan83 on May 04, 2010

Hey ya'll I'm going up to stockton to pre fish for a tournament on May 15. The tourney launches out of mutton creek. Its been a while since I've been on stockton due to all the tourneys I've fished on TR. Anyone have any general spots or patterns to suggest before I head out?

by haulinbass on May 05, 2010

hogfan83, If it were me. I'd head up towards greenfield landing or Sons creek. Buzz, blade, spook. Or pitch senkos

by hogfan83 on May 05, 2010

Thank you haulinbass. I'm gonna get a map of stockton today and check on those spots. When you say pitch sinkos, would u wacky rig or texas rig that senko. Or, just weightless, rigged weedless. By the way haulinbass, do you live on greenfield street in springfield? I ask, bc I saw a big mobassfishin sticker on a truck just down the street from me.

by hogfan83 on May 05, 2010

I just looked at a map online and sons creek looks tempting. It has lots of secondary points and cuts. Does it have any rock, where I could throw my jig? And, the greenfield access, would u go up the sac river, or hang around the access area.

by fishn99 on May 05, 2010

hey hogfan83 if i were you i would fish shallow pockets on main lake with the jig right now was out today and the bite was almost nothing in the river arms try around mutton area i think you will be surprised..

by hogfan83 on May 05, 2010

Wow that's interesting fishn99. I still plan on headin back into turnback and sac river for that early bite. But, I am a jig fisherman and will try main lake pockets before I head down there. How big a jig were u throwin fishn99? And what was the water clarity in the creeks? Thanks for the info. Every little bit helps.

by hogfan83 on May 06, 2010

Ill let y'all know how I did on Saturday w/ a detailed report. Signing off!

by fishn99 on May 07, 2010

the water was stained to clear depending on the creek...3/8 and 1/2 oz jigs colors right now not a big deal they will hit anything but i woujd use a twin tail trailior ... anyway good luck who knows maybe we will run into each other out there

by hogfan83 on May 08, 2010

Well guys, I had a good day on Stockton. The bight started getting good around 8am. Caught two keepers on a sammy in calmer water. Only fish on topwater all day. We moved down to just past the greenfield bridge and caught two more keepers on seconday points on eakins jig and wacky rig. Was surprised to catch a 3lb female that still had her eggs and a very bloody tail. We moved further down turnback and caught some bigger fish relating to cover. Biggest going 3-4lb off a lay down. My brother got broke off on a realy good fish around 2pm. The fish was in a root wad and broke off after she ran in the bushes. He had 12 pound floro and a palomar knot tied with a eakins jig. The fish jumped out and spit the jig seconds later and let me tell u, that fish was every bit of 6 pounds. I might start tying my florocarbon with a simplified clinch knot. At the spring seminar Edwin Evers said he never ties a palomar with floro. Any suggestions?

by fishn99 on May 12, 2010

hey hog fan i am looking for a partner for sunday may 16 my reg partner has to have surgery if you would be interested call at 417-995-2888

by hawgranger on Jun 09, 2010

Hey hogfan83, use a San Diego twist for flourocarbon it will not cut into itself like the Palomar does.

by BIBLEMAN on Sep 16, 2012


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