Winter Lure

by WayneB on Feb 20, 2010

Going to the lake today with only two lures, from December to Feb. Which two would you take? Water Temp - 35 to 42 degrees. Blue bird skies after a front. WayneB

by BassN8R on Feb 21, 2010

I think the two lures I would take would be a jerk bait and a Football Jig.

by haulinbass on Feb 22, 2010

jerk and spoon

by buzzbait on Feb 22, 2010

just need to take the stick and the jig,thats all you need to catch fish at them temps.

by Pole Bender on Feb 25, 2010

I think I would also take the jerk bait and the jig.

by DChance on Mar 01, 2010

jig and another jig

by jaybeffa on Mar 01, 2010

Jerkbait and Jerkbait

by hogfan83 on May 04, 2010

Football jig and lucky craft pointer. Deep diving of course.

by hellbilly on Nov 09, 2010

a spoon and a deep diving crank bait

by redbirds1 on Nov 26, 2010

It would depend on what the lake has for cover. This can be a great time to catch some good ones on a lipless crankbait if you have some grass. I have caught some great fish on this bait while the line guides on my rod were freezing on the edges of the flats near a ditch. If there is a shad kill, the suspending stickbait is hard to beat on 10 lb flouro. I really like the finesse worms too, such as the Yamamoto cut tail on a 3/16 oz. shakey head. Grass = lipless and a jig. No grass = shakey head and a suspending stickbait.

by Bassboyles on Dec 30, 2010

On deep highland lakes, a spoon and a grub for January. The stickbait is an off and on deal depending on fronts and water temps. And the question was what 2 lures.

by moorecat on Jan 17, 2011

jig and a 6th Sense Lures jerkbait

by basscatbuddy on Feb 13, 2013

i would use the spoon and jig if that not working go to the shakey head.all through it will be hard to turn down the jerk bait.

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