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Clearwater Lake

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About Clearwater Lake

Clearwater Lake is a reservoir on the Black River six miles from Piedmont, Missouri. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers uses Clearwater for flood control in the White and lower Mississippi River Basins. Located in Wayne and Reynolds Counties, the vicinity is noted for the grandeur of its hills, natural springs, and general outdoor beauty.

The Dam

Construction on the Clearwater Lake dam began in 1940, but thanks to World War II the reservoir didn't see completion until 1948. While the dam is located in Wayne County, most of the lake is in Reynolds County. 5,500,000 cubic yards of earth were used to make the dam. Stretching over a length of 4,225 feet, the maximum height above the stream bed is 154 feet. The emergency spillway is 190 feet long with a crest of 567 feet. The spillway tunnel length is 1,771 feet long with a diameter of 23 feet.

The Lake

Clearwater is a 2,200 acre lake with a large, 578,000 acre watershed comprised mainly of 87% forest cover and 10% grassland. The shoreline is studded with high picturesque bluffs, indented bays and coves. The absence of private boat docks appeals to those seeking a "wilderness lake," permitting boaters freedom to find a bit of unspoiled shoreline and go ashore nearly anywhere on the lake. Boating enthusiasts and skiers have acres of smooth, deep water for sport. Those who prefer canoeing will be in awe of the natural scenic beauty offered by the upper Black River. Clearwater Lake has 1,630 acres at the top of the conservation pool during the winter months. The flood pool top is 10,350 surface acres with a total storage capacity of over 413,000 acre feet of water.


Recreation has come to play a major role at Clearwater Lake, although that was not its initial mission. Now Clearwater offers boating, swimming, and camping facilities. There are three marinas, run by private concessionaires that provide fuel, supplies, and services. There are a total of 12 launch ramps scattered around the project. The launch ramps located in Webb Creek, Bluff View, and Piedmont Park require a day use fee. Whether you are an experienced sportsman or a beginner, Clearwater Lake is a good fishing Lake. It is well known as an excellent crappie lake. Fishermen also enjoy catching bass, bream, flathead catfish, channel catfish, walleye and carp. Numerous fish shelters have been placed in the lake in various areas. Camping opportunities abound at Clearwater Lake. Numerous facilities, including grills, fireplaces, tables, group shelters, showers and water wells are located throughout the parks. With over 390 campsites, ranging from rustic to full electric and water hook-up, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your camping experience. Camping is offered year round, so no matter what your favorite camping season, you can enjoy it at Clearwater Lake. There are also many areas that are ideal for primitive camping.

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Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Normal Pool Elevation 500

Current Clearwater Lake Elevation

Clearwater Lake Fishing Report 01/02/2013

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