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DeGray Lake

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About DeGray Lake

DeGray LakeDeGray Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. Located adjacent to the National Scenic 7 Byway, just north of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, lies the sparkling treasure of the Vicksburg District. DeGray Lake serves as a major rural water supply for Hot Spring, Clark and Garland Counties, providing a safe, dependable water supply for thousands of customers.

The Dam

DeGray Lake Dam

The earthen 3,400 ft. length dam is 243 ft. above the river bed and backs up the waters of the Caddo River some 27 miles creating DeGray Lake. Construction began in 1962 and was completed in 1972. Hydropower makes this lake one of the most efficient and energy producing projects in the South. DeGray Lake holds the distinction as the first "pump back capable" impoundment in the history of the Corps of Engineers. A re-regulation dam forms a 400-acre impoundment directly below the main lake that serves as a storage basin for pump back capable features. During designated times, the 28,000 KW generator can be reversed pulling water out of the Lower Lake into the main lake to be utilized again for hydropower generation.

The Lake

DeGray Lake

DeGray Lake is nationally known for its clean, clear water and pristine shoreline. It is also known for it's trophy winning hybrid stripers, crappie, and catfish. The 32,400 acre multi-purpose project has 13,800 acres of water with 208 miles of shoreline and over 17,000 acres of forested land. The Lake is 200 ft. at deepest level, 100 ft. in much of the river channel, and has an average depth of 47 ft.


Each year, thousands of people come to fish the waters of DeGray Lake. The Caddo River feeds the lake, making it a great habit for fish. With numerous coves and fishing shelters along the bottom of the lake, catching fish usually isn't too difficult a task. DeGray Lake offers a myriad of recreational opportunities. Camping at DeGray Lake is a pleasure for all ages. With 20 recreation areas, 340 picnic sites, 724 campsites, 18 boat ramps and 12 swimming beaches, to choose from, there is an area for any type of outdoor experience.

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Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Normal Pool Elevation 408

DeGray Lake Fishing Report 01/02/2013

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