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Harry S. Truman Reservoir

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About Harry S. Truman Reservoir

The Kaysinger Bluff Dam and Reservoir was authorized in 1954 as one unit in a comprehensive flood control plan for the Missouri River basin. In 1970, the project was renamed by Congress as the Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir, in honor of the former president from Missouri. Project construction began in August 1964 and the spillway gates were closed in October,1964.

The Dam

Truman Dam

Located on the Osage River 1.5 miles northwest of Warsaw, Mo. Truman Dam consists of an earth/rock embankment, concrete spillway, and hydroelectric power plant. There are six turbine-generator units located within Truman Dam. Water is released through these units to produce hydroelectric power. This electrical power, which is marketed by Southwest Power Administration, is used to meet peak electrical demands when conventional power plants cannot fulfill the public's demand for electrical energy. The generating capacity of the Truman Power Plant is rated at 160,000 kilowatts. Four large tainter gates, which are located within the spillway, can be used during flood release operations to supplement discharges made through the power plant.

The Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has the responsibility for managing 259 square miles of land and water at Truman Lake. Truman Reservoir is the largest flood control lake in Missouri, with a storage capacity of more than 5 million acre-feet. At normal pool elevation 706 feet above mean sea level the reservoir has a surface area of about 56,000 acres, additionally 110,000 acres of public land surrounds the reservoir.


Recreational development is extensive. Twenty parks and access areas, managed by or leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, are conveniently located around the reservoir. Park areas at Truman Reservoir offer a wide variety of recreation facilities including boat launching ramps, campgrounds, full service marinas, picnic areas, sand swimming beaches, and a regional visitor center. Many routine maintenance items are contracted to the private sector. Mowing, refuse collection, and facility cleanup are just a few of the activities that are performed by private contractors for the Corps.

Lake Level, Moon Phase and Weather
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Lake Level 707.76



Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Normal Pool Elevation 707

Harry S Truman Reservoir Fishing Report 06/06/2012


Truman Tailwaters:


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